Shack's Arcade Corner: Space Ace

Space Ace is a video game produced by Don Bluth Studios, Cinematronics and Advanced Microcomputer Systems (later renamed RDI Video Systems). It was unveiled in October 1983, just four months after the Dragon's Lair cabinet hit arcades, then released in Spring of 1984. Space Age resembled Dragon's Lair's featured film-quality animation played back from a laserdisc. The gameplay is also similar, requiring the player to move the joystick or press the fire button at key moments in the animated sequences to govern the hero's actions. However, the game's action was more varied with the player occasionally given the temporary option to either have the character he is controlling transform back into his adult form, or remain as a boy with different styles of challenges. Don Bluth has announced during the crowdfunding for Dragon's Lair: The Movie that he is making a Space Ace short film. Check out this video to find out more.

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