Destiny 2 Is Now Official, But It's Still a Tease

We've known that Destiny 2 is a thing because both Activision and developer Bungie have talked about it in various forms over the last few months. Retail leaks last week add fuel to the fire that an announcement was imminent. Well, the official Twitter account has finally caught up to the rest of the gaming universe.

Destiny 2 is now "official," it appears. The tweet offers no details or links and essentially confirms what some Italian retail posters told us four days ago. It's just another tease that could have easily come soon after the retail posters for the game were loose in the internet wild. What is the harm in putting an official logo out there? That's all the tweet amounts to.

Leaks happen. Publishers aren't compelled to respond to them. But this was not a new IP or something that catches everyone by surprise. Activision has said Destiny 2 will come out this fall. Bungie has talked about how character names and appearance can be ported over, but gear and power won't be. Activision could have easily tweeted this exact same thing last Thursday or even Friday without upsetting the marketing plan. Now, they just look a little silly, especially if they make a big deal out of the fact that the game will be coming on September 8 (or September 5th in North America if that is a European date). 

Either way, Destiny fans, you now have an official logo to go with the game. Props to Activision and Bungie for being four days late and a dollar short. Hopefully, we'll get some meat soon to go with the vegetarian reveal.

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