Rumor: Destiny 2 Will Be Arriving in September

We know Destiny 2 is coming, as both Bungie and Activision have made it clear that a sequel to the popular shooter is in the works. But what looks like leaked posters from an Italian retailer give us a release date of September 8, and a possible beta before that.

Rumors have already started circulating that an announcement will be coming sometime today, although both developer and publisher have been mum so far. The release date could be the European street date–September 8 is a Friday, while most North American games are released on Tuesday. One poster is from GameStop Italy talking about the beta, while the other with the release date shows that Destiny 2 will still be a PlayStation 4 title. 

Activision has said previously that Destiny 2 was on schedule for a fall launch, and that the new game will have a broader appeal to bring in more fans while still keeping the current ones engaged. The bad news for current players is that they will be able to carry their Destiny characters over to the sequel in name and appearance only, as all powers and inventory will be wiped. Also, the game is wrapping up its live events with the Age of Triumph, coming on March 28. The launch trailer is below.

Destiny is currently on Xbox One and PS4, while Destiny 2 will add PC as a platform.


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