Nintendo announces 1-2-Switch, a game 'everyone can play together,' for Nintendo Switch

At tonight's Nintendo Switch presentation, Nintendo unveiled 1-2-Switch, a game for multiple players that can be played without a screen. To play, each player uses a Joy-Con peripheral and watches each other, rather than a display, to "wait to see them do something unexpected."

It seems like 1-2 Switch might be the "Wii Sports" of the Nintendo Switch. Each mini-game uses the Joy-Con in a unique and different way. One game might use the motion controls, one might use the HD rumble, and another may use the IR Motion Camera. There will be wild-west duels, a copy-cat dance-off mode, table tennis, cow-milking competitions, and more.

1-2 Switch might be the first hit party game for Nintendo's new system. It will be a Nintendo Switch launch title when the system releases on 3/3/17.

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