Warcraft movie sequel not confirmed, but Duncan Jones is already planning

Legendary Pictures has not made a decision on whether it will move forward with a sequel to the Warcraft movie, a film that was a bit of a disappointment in the United States, but still grossed more than $430 million worldwide. The uncertainty, however, has not kept Director Duncan Jones from thinking about what future films could bring.

In a series of tweets responding to fan questions, Jones revealed what he had in mind if given the greenlight for what he hopes could be a Warcraft trilogy. For the first sequel, he said that the Orcs would have discovered armor and started using it.  Also, there would be a scene where the Kirin Tor mage city of Dalaran would actually land in the Alterac mountains, with the mages spreading magic and being more open after the death of King Llane.

As for the focus of the movie, the "Main orc focus would have been Go'el's imprisonment & violent bid for freedom," he tweeted. On the human side, he was a bit more nebulous"Don't want to give too much away, as who knows... but Khadgar unleashing Pandora's Box, Lothar arc, Varian."

Jones, however, did acknowledge the plot problems with the original. "You have to focus. Trying to serve too many threads is exactly the problem that got us in this position."

If Legendary does approve a new film, Jones could be without the main story writer from the original, Chris Metzen, who retired from Blizzard back in September. Metzen is closely associated with the creation of the Warcraft lore, but it is unclear if he would return for the opportunity to further the story.

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