Space Engineers Going Beta Following Three Years in Steam Early Access

Space Engineers from Keen Software has entered Beta after three years on Steam Early Access. Last week's update brought new block redesigns, new netcode, and a tutorial. Now that those updates have hit the stable branch of code, Keen Software has announced they mark the beginning of the Beta phase of Space Engineers development cycle.

New things to look for in coming updates are a new HUD, more block redesigns, further improvements to netcode, and more. I've spent 192.5 hours playing Space Engineers to date, and it boggles my mind I've gotten more out of a Steam Early Access title in Alpha than any other game on my account.

Space Engineers is a game that captures my imagination. Whether it be downloading the ridiculous amount of player-built Blueprints to explore and add to, or drilling into asteroids to build secret drydocks, there's so much fun to be had with this title.

It's great to see Keen Software sticking by Space Engineers and continuing to evolve and refine the game's systems. I hope the next three years of development are just as much fun and exciting as the first three.

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