Steam Autumn and Winter Sale 2016 dates leaked

The Steam Halloween Sale came to an end last week, but those who missed it won’t have to wait long to purchase more games on the popular digital storefront as dates for both the Autumn and Winter sale have leaked prior to their official announcements.

The leak comes from lashman on Twitter, who shares forum messages which show the date for both of Steam’s Autumn and Winter sales. According to the screenshot, the Steam Autumn Sale will commence on November 23 at 9:50am PT and end on November 29 at 10:10am PT, while the Steam Winter Sale will kick off on December 22 at 9:50am PT and end on January 2, 2017, at 10:10am PT.

Both dates line up with how Valve tends to launch both its Autumn and Winter sales, which often takes place prior to the start of both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While the Steam Autumn Sale is a great opportunity for players to pick up discounted games during the Thanksgiving holiday, the Steam Winter Sale is one all Steam owners look forward to the most out of the two. The end-of-the-year sales tend to be discounted at a higher percentage than the sales that occur during the Fall, although both sales pale in comparison to Steam’s epic Summer Sale.

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