Steam Summer Sale 2016 kicks off today

After its leak and confirmation from PayPal, the Steam Summer Sale is kicking off today at 12:45 PM ET / 9:45 AM PT.

This year’s Summer Sale will last for approximately two weeks, ending on July 4th at 10am PT. This should give those who are planning on adding to their backlog more than enough time to make your necessary purchases, regardless if you’re home to play them or not. If you’re like us, you’re probably vacationing with a PC that can play some kind of games anyways, so you should be prepared.

Last year’s Steam Summer Sale took place a bit earlier in the month as it started on June 11 and ended on June 20th. And just like last year’s sale, and Steam’s more recent sales, all prices will be marked down to their lowest amount, which means you won’t be needing to keep an eye on the Store for flash sales.

What game discounts have you spotted so far that are worth mentioning? Feel free to share what you find in Chatty so we can consider purchasing them.

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