Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse takes aim at pro players

Logitech has announced the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse, a peripheral aimed a tournament-level play.

"The benefit of working with eSports players is that they tell us what they like, and more importantly, what they don’t like," said Logitech's vice president and general manager of gaming at Logitech, Ujesh Desai. "Our new Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse takes what eSports pros loved about the G100s and G303 and combines it into a mouse that we’re confident will meet their standards."

Billed as a successor to the Logitech G100 series, the G Pro Gaming Mouse boasts a feature set that strikes a balance between functionality and comfort. Drivers are stored in onboard memory, so "eSports athletes" (Logitech's term) don't have to worry about playing without drivers on tournament systems. The company's most accurate optical sensor will assist players' honed aiming skills, and the mouse is lightweight yet durable.

For pros who have lost close-fought battles due to not clicking hard enough, Logitech's G Pro Gaming Mouse uses a metal spring button tensioning system in both the left and right mouse buttons. Translation: you won't have to pound the mouse with a hammer to get it to register clicks.

You'll be able to pick up a Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse for $69.95 later this month.

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