Street Fighter 5 June update's new character costumes and stage variations revealed

Capcom is expected to release its highly-anticipated June update for Street Fighter 5 next week, and today, the publisher has revealed some of the new stages and costumes we can expect to be available.

Every character's’ Battle Costumes will be available for purchase through either the PlayStation Store or Steam, which you can see in the screenshots above. Our favorites have to be Zangief’s homage to Macho Man Randy Savage, Hot Ryu, Ninja Ops Nash, and Legs-for-days Chun-Li.

There will also be some new stage variations to play on, which includes two stages that are now accessible in the middle of the night, and another one that’s in the middle of an apparent Sakura Festival.

Capcom has yet to disclose when exactly we can expect the June update to roll out, but be on the lookout for it starting next week.

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