Crytek's first VR game, The Climb, releases today on Oculus Rift

Crytek has released The Climb on the Oculus Rift, making it the studio's first virtual reality game.

The Climb invites players to scale sheer cliff faces in order to explore the rock-climbing playgrounds that are inspired by real-life locations. In addition to the previously revealed Alps and Bay locations, Crytek is sharing details on the title’s third setting: Canyon.

Canyon takes inspiration from the landscapes of the Grand Canyon while also taking wider natural and cultural cues from across the US. By day, players can experience endless vistas marked by winding rivers, mysterious mine shafts, and jets flying overhead. By night, players can experience fireworks from a nearby music festival along with howling coyotes.

The Climb features tutorials as ll as a procedurally generated endless climbing wall to practice on, as well as six bouldering routes to complete. Players will also be able to enjoy the sights of The Climb in the Tourist mode, which allows you to discover new routes, enjoy the scenery, or demo the game to friends and family for the first time. Just be sure to have a bucket close by in case the sense of vertigo gets too strong for them.

The Climb is now available exclusively on the Oculus Rift for $49.99 on Oculus Home.

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