The Dark Souls Board Game Smashed Through Its Kickstarter Goals

Dark Souls continues to prove how popular it is consistently, with Dark Souls 3 selling like hotcakes and a tabletop game concept based on the series amassing all the funds it needs via Kickstarter in a measly three minutes.

In about the time it takes to listen to the excellent "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire," the Dark Souls board game earned a whopping £50,000, or $72,000. That's absolutely ridiculous. In a few hours, the game amassed nearly five times what it required to go into production, reaching about £222,550 ($320,000). With about a month remaining on the clock until the Kickstarter ends on May 16, who knows how much money the project will continue to make?

Dark Souls - The Board Game will be created by Steamforged Games, partnered with Bandai Namco, and will support 1-4 players. Prospective backers need to pledge £75 ($108) to guarantee a copy of the game, with several stretch goals being added. Dark Souls 3 itself just released on April 12, and it's already amassed this kind of popularity. The future looks extremely bright for the franchise, as it always has.

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