Mortal Kombat X adds free Medieval Skins, premium Crimson Ermac next week

While Mortal Kombat X continues to do kombat, it's almost time for the roster to expand further with the arrival of Kombat Pack 2 and Mortal Kombat XL. Of course, these new characters come at a cost, so is there anything coming for loyal MK players that won't cost anything out of pocket?

It appears that, at the very least, Warner Bros. and Netherrealm Studios will be offering up some free skins to current MK owners. The Medival Pack will offer up a few Medieval-themed skins to a kouple of kombatants.

It should be noted that the above tweet was issued twice, with the original deleted tweet stating that the skins would go to all users. This edited tweet that now specifies console users indicates that, once again, the PC users are getting passed over.

March 1 will also see the arrial of the Crimson Ermac costume. This skin will cost an unspecified amount, but all proceeds are set to support upcoming Mortal Kombat X tournaments and keep the prize pools rising for pro-level MK players.

To get a look at Crimson Ermac, check out the video below.

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