Doom pre-orders on Xbox One include original Doom and Doom 2

Bethesda and id Software have already excited fans of the original game with its campaign trailer revealed earlier this month. Today, pre-orders have opened up for Xbox One owners, but it's looking like those users are going to get a little something extra if they decide to take the plunge early.

Major Nelson has pointed to the Doom pre-order listing on the Xbox Store, revealing that while it will still come with the Demon Multiplayer Pack, it's also set to include copies of the original Doom and Doom II. These are most likely the Xbox Live Arcade versions of the two games, which are currently on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

If users decide to take the plunge, their copies of Doom and Doom II are expected to arrive 7-10 days after they place their order. The all-new Doom is set to release on May 13.

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