Strafe trailer is an all-star, gets its game on, goes, plays

Strafe is an old-school 90s-style shooter that originally popped up on Kickstarter and was able to raise over $200,000 between nearly 5,000 backers. A year after hitting its goals, Strafe development seems to be moving along nicely and today, developer Pixel Titans took a moment to thank its backers. And it did so in the most 90s way possible.

Yes, the trailer below features a cover of Smash Mouth's "All-Star" over 90s-style pixelated violence. Then there's a shotgun to the face. Boom! The game itself is an unaplogetic homage to games like Quake and Doom and that atmosphere carries all the way over to this trailer.

Strafe is coming soon to PC and Oculus Rift. Those that would like a little more gameplay information can tune in to a special live stream with the folks at Pixel Titans over on their Twitch channel. The stream is set to air tonight at 7PM PT.

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