Blade & Soul's Warlock is 'Unchained' in March

It's been noted before that Blade & Soul's Western release is running somewhat behind its Eastern counterpart. Part of the reason for that is to not overload the Western newcomer with updates and systems, since the first days of a game should be more focused on simply establishing the world. But that also means there's plenty of content to catch up with, so NCSoft is following up on the recent Rising Waters content with the next update, titled 'Unchained.'

Blade & Soul's Unchained update will add a new Warlock class to both the Jin and Lyn races. The Warlock can utilize mid-range abilities to pull in foes for quick combos. They can then finish their opponents by summoning the powerful entity Thrall (No, not that Thrall) to obliterate any targets. The Warlock can mix together long-string combos with dark magic to overwhelm enemies, making it an ideal class, especially since all players will get an additional character slot to help welcome its arrival. NCSoft is looking to reveal more about the Warlock class next week.

The Unchained update will also include some new PvE content. The Naryu Labyrinth is a max level instance that will test four and six-player parties across three stages, each randomly generated for a fresh experience. Also, those that have played through Mushin's Tower during the Rising Waters update can now see their quest through to the end. Floor 8 of Mushin's Tower will open up for solo players, as they go one-on-one with the manifestation of Mushin himself.

This will all come in addition to the standard balance tweaks and bug fixes. Blade & Soul has already surpassed 2 million users in the U.S. and Europe in just its first month, so expect that number to potentially grow with this new update. Blade & Soul will release the Unchained update on March 2.

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