ARK: Survival Evolved adds split-screen multiplayer for Xbox One

The folks at Studio Wildcard are quite serious about bringing a comparable ARK: Survival Evolved to consoles. In fact, the Xbox One version of the survival game is about to get a special feature that the PC version does not have: couch co-op.

Yes, the latest Xbox One update will introduce split-screen multiplayer functionality, so that two players with Xbox One controllers can jump online and work together. Studio Wildcard is touting split-screen as an Xbox One-exclusive feature that can be used both online and offline.

Local players can also crack open some beers, both in real life and in the game, with the introduction of beer as a consumable item. Xbox One owners can now craft beer kegs, just as PC players can.

In fact other aspects of that same PC update are now available on console, with Xbox One players able to tame Gallimimus, Dimetrodon, and Dung Beetles. They'll also find some new inventory items, like SWAT-style Assault Armor, Electric Prod stun batons, and Greenhouse glass structures.

As for the PC crowd, they'll continue to get new dinosaurs, but Studio Wildcard is handling a major issue there first: cheaters. The developer has implemented the BattlEye Anti-Cheat system, which will run on all official servers. Unofficial servers will also have the option to run this protocol using the '-UseBattlEye' command. More information on this can be found in the Steam Announcements page.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available as part of the Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview programs. An official launch is still slated for this summer.

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