Destiny 2 coming in 2017; one more large expansion planned for Destiny

Activision Publishing previously announced a follow up to Destiny was in development back in late 2014. and today, it announced the upcoming game would be released in 2017.

Prior to the launch of Destiny’s sequel, Bungie and Activision expect to bring one more large new expansion to Destiny in 2016. The last large expansion Destiny received was The Taken King, which launched on September 15, 2015.

Bungie made its own announcement in regards to Activision's reminding fans it planned a second, larger update to release in Spring 2016. The upcoming content release will feature a significant Light increase, new gear, and new challenges for PvE players.

Just last week, Bungie sent out a questionnaire asking if Destiny players were still having fun playing the game. This comes just a few days after Bungie president stepped down from his position, which may or may not have anything to do with how Destiny is perceived these days.

Even though things have been quite stagnant in the world of Destiny lately, at least it’s good to know there’s something on the horizon for fans of the game. While we wait to hear more about the upcoming expansion and the sequel to Destiny, go out and try out the special Crimson Days event going on during Valentine’s Day.

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