Blade & Soul reaches over 1 million users in first week

Blade & Soul first made a name for itself in Eastern regions, getting a tremendous following in countries like Korea and China since its original 2012 release. Last week, NCSoft's martial arts-themed MMORPG made its North American debut and it looks to be well on its way to the same kind of success out here. Today, NCSoft reported back that over 1 million users have logged into Blade & Soul in the very first week of its release.

A number of Blade & Soul users are likely continuing on from the game's beta, which launched back in October. However, the early success of the game can also be attributed to the fact that NCSoft essentially has four years' worth of content ready to roll out to an entirely new user base, promising plenty to all users, regardless of whether they're premium members or not.

Of course, the challenge of MMORPGs out west isn't so much getting a user base, it's retaining that user base, so it'll remain to be seen whether Blade & Soul can maintain this momentum. There's certainly content on the way, as the teaser below indicates. Blade & Soul is available now and is free-to-play on PC.

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