H1Z1 ushers in a Green Dawn and prepares for a Showdown

While H1Z1 survivors struggle to live through the night, the stakes are raised quite a bit in the game's Battle Royale mode. This is the mode where everyone fights to the death until a single person/group is left standing. Today, Daybreak Games is releasing a new update that ensures Battle Royale matches get a little spicier.

The new Green Dawn update adds a new server of the same name. These matches will take place at dawn to reduce visibility and change up player strategies. However, they'll have to think quickly, because the toxic fog will now roll in faster. The last players standing will get some new skins for the Green Dawn X gun, while airdrop creates will also contain new skins. How does one participate in a Green Dawn server? The H1Z1 world is hiding an Event Ticket item, so anyone that manages to find one can jump in. Of course, there's also the option to purchase one for real money for people that just don't have what it takes to find one on their own.

Battle Royale enthusiasts can also join the H1Z1 Showdown, which starts today. Server captains, like Twitch streamers summit1g, Trick2g, sxyhxy, Ninja, MrGrimmmz, and CDNThe3rd, will host weekly Battle Royale matches and recruit the best players they can find. Teams will then compete in the Showdown proper on December 12, with the winner earning $5,000 for a charity of their choice, as well as a chance to create an in-game item. Each Showdown crate key purchased from now through December 6 will also see Daybreak contribute a portion to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit aimed at ending childhood hunger.

For more on the Showdown, visit the H1Z1 website. Also, be sure to check out more on the new Green Dawn update.

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