DC Universe Online continues the War of the Light and adds Atomic powers

The League of Assassin's machinations continue to unfold in the latest episodic update for DC Universe Online. Daybreak has revealed new information on Episode 18, which also includes the penultimate chapter in the War of the Light storyline that spotlights the clash of the Lantern corps.

Blackest Day is an eight-player Operation that sees Black Hand attacking the sentient city of Ranx. Sinestro is answering a distress call in his home world of Qward, so he's sending teams out to intercept the herald of the dead. However, Black Hand has reached the powerful Lyssa Drak and is using his powers to subdue and control the Sinestro Corps member.

The two-player Duo mission, The Demon's Pit, will see players attempt to infiltrate the League of Assassins. The League has abducted members of both the Justice League and the Society, so it's up to the players to rescue them before they are forced to serve as part of Ra's al Ghul's army.

Daybreak members can download this update for free today, with all other users able to purchase this content on November 11 through the in-game Marketplace. For more, check out the video below.

Meanwhile, look for the Atomic power set to make its debut today, as well. These powers are based on Firestorm and give players the Radioactive and Nuclear power trees. This can help create new character builds that can serve in Tank or Damage roles. More on this power set can be found in the video below. Atomic powers are also free to members, with non-members able to purchase them through the Marketplace.

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