Valve recruits Team Fortress 2 mercs for Steam Link video

The Team Fortress 2 mercenaries are in the midst of a major community-led Invasion update. But that doesn't mean they don't have time to lend a hand to the company that keeps them working. No, not Mann Co. I'm talking about Valve.

Valve first unveiled the Steam Link back at GDC, but now it's looking like its arrival is imminent. To help spread the word on what exactly Steam Link is and what it can do, Valve has rounded up the TF2 mercs for a short video. As expected, Steam Link allows users to plug the device into any TV or monitor and stream their Steam library directly from their PC.

The Steam Link is set to arrive on November 10. To learn more, visit its product listing on Steam. Watch the video below to learn more and don't forget to join the mercs for the Invasion update. For fun, we've embedded that trailer below, as well.

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