Guild Wars 2 celebrates Halloween with the Shadow of the Mad King on October 23

Even with an expansion deploying in the next couple of weeks, the folks at NCSoft and ArenaNet still recognize that the Halloween holiday is nearing. And that means, once again, it's time to prepare for the Mad King's return in Guild Wars 2. Today, the developer offered some details on what to expect from this year's Shadow of the Mad King event, which is expected to last about two weeks.

Oswald Thorn, the Mad King, will make his return and lurk in his lair. To find him, adventurers will have to brave the Mad King's Labyrinth, filled with monsters and lost souls, before braving a dungeon filled with even more danger. The Mad King's Clocktower will also mark the return of the popular jumping puzzles, which have become a tradition since the first Guild Wars 2 Halloween event.

Finally, now that Lion's Arch has been rebuilt following the events of the Living World arc, that means it's time to decorate the central hub. Look for candy corn vendors and holiday-themed games. Even the Mad King will wander around for some harmless fun.

Look for the Halloween changeover to begin on October 23 (same day as the Heart of Thorns expansion), at which point the holiday-themed loot drops begin. For more, check out the Guild Wars 2 website.

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