Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash serves up a November release date

The sport of tennis is starting to get bigger, but Nintendo has taken this as a cue to make the players bigger, as well. That much is known about the next installment of the Mario Tennis series, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. But the game has also been given an official release date, with the Wii U-exclusive set to launch on November 20.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will come with a couple of new tricks, such as the jump shot and the Mega Mushroom. Shacknews briefly tried the game at this year's GameStop Expo earlier this month and saw the Mega Mushroom randomly pop onto the field to help give competitors a size advantage. However, that was about all it would give them, as games remained closely contested with little noticeable change. But perhaps the video below from E3 will serve as a better reminder of what's new about the latest Mario Tennis effort.

It remains to be seen what else Nintendo has in store for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, but look for more information to come prior to that November 20 release date.

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