Galak-Z will set course for mobile devices in 2016

It's been a fine summer for 17-Bit Studios, as the developer released its long-awaited space roguelike, Galak-Z: The Dimensional on PlayStation 4 earlier in August. And while it's been known that the Sony console would not be the game's only destination, publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that it will also find a home on mobile devices in 2016 under the title, Galak-Z: Variant Mobile.

For those unfamiliar with Galak-Z, the game sees Adam "A-Tak" Takamoto fly across hostile alien territory, engaging in various missions over the course of five seasons. There are plenty of resources and upgrades to collect, but like in all good roguelike, players only have a single life to live.

Galak-Z will be updated to run on touch screen controls, as well as receive an overhauled user interface. More details are expected in the coming months. Galak-Z is also set to come to PC in the near future, but the planned Vita version was recently cancelled.

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