This weekend's Counter-Strike eSports event becomes biggest ever

ESL announced it has delivered the biggest and most-watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event ever as it attracted over 11,000 visitors per day and over 27 million unique viewers on Twitch.

The event took place in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena where Swedish team Fnatic defeated French team EnVyUS in the final, netting the team the $250,000 prize pool that was up for grabs.

Outside of the tournament itself, ESL One Cologne was able to turn a standard eSports event into an eSports festival. Visitors were able to partake in a number of festival-like activities, such as Bullriding, rock climbing, and being able to get an airbrush tattoo. Since it was a Counter-Strike event, we have a feeling thousands of fans went home with an Andre the Giant “Obey” airbrush tattoo.

The next ESL One event will take place at New York Super Week on October 3rd and 4th where Dota 2 will take center stage at Madison Square Garden Theater.

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