Civilization: Beyond Earth explores a free Steam weekend today

2K Games and Firaxis have opened the door to pre-purchase the Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion pack, Rising Tide, today. While that's all well and good, there's something a little more interesting packed into this news piece. That's that the latest Civilization game will get a free-to-play weekend on Steam starting today.

The Civilization: Beyond Earth free weekend kicked off just minutes ago on Steam and is set to run from now until Monday, August 17 at 10AM PT. This will only include the base game, though players will also have a chance to pick up the full game or its Exoplanets Map Pack DLC at a slightly discounted rate. Picking up the full game or the full Civilzation: Beyond Earth Collection (which includes the base game, the Exoplanets Map Pack, and Rising Tide expansion) will allow players to carry over any progress made over the course of the free weekend.

The Rising Tide expansion is set to release on October 9. To try out Beyond Earth for yourself, jump on Steam.

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