E3 2015: Dishonored 2 Announced, Featuring Emily Kaldwin

During today's Bethesda E3 conference, Bethesda Software announced an upcoming sequel to Dishonored. The empire of the Isles is in danger once more by a userper. You travel to Cornaca to assassinate targets, and you can switch between playing as Emily Kaldwin (who is supposed to be Empress by now) or Corvo. Not only does it look like Emily has the same agility as Corvo, but she bears the mark that grants her special powers. As in the previous Dishonored game, players can choose to either kill everyone in sight, or not to kill anyone - usually dooming targets to a fate worse than death. It remains to be seen what leads Emily to take up the path of the supernatural assassin. 

Dishonored 2 is being developed for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Accompanying the reveal is the announcement of Dishonored Definitive Edition, which is expected to release this fall for the Xbox One and PS4. The Definitive Edition will include the main game along with all its add-on content, all with remastered content.  

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