The Flame in the Flood dares players to survive the river and the elements

Games like Don't Starve have stressed the need for resource management and also for keeping characters nourished. Those principles definitely apply in The Molasses Flood's upcoming roguelike, The Flame in the Flood. The idea is to gather resources, supplies, and food in a desolate forest environment, amidst a full day/night cycle. Dangers of the wild are definitely present in the world, which means players had better be ready to craft whatever's available. Campfires and torches will ward off wolves and the like, while other crafting recipes will allow users to cook meat or purify water. So far, it's pretty standard.

Where The Flame in the Flood stands out is that these areas are small, meaning the main characters (an unnamed girl and her dog) must always be on the move. Much of the game involves riding a raft down a procedurally-generated river, navigating treacherous conditions and attempting to make it to the next stop in one piece. That's not always easy and crashing into trees or rocks can cause injury or even death.

Look for more information on The Flame in the Flood in the coming months. The game is set to come later this year to Xbox One, with PC and Mac versions also planned.

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