Project Spark 'Summer of Spark' includes Dungeon Descent Pack and discounted Conker

The creative types have been finding plenty to occupy themselves with, thanks to Microsoft's Project Spark. New content continues to find its way to the game and the latest batch is set to debut tomorrow with the Dungeon Descent Pack. That's set to be just the precursor to Project Spark's weekend event "Summer of Spark," a celebration of two years since the game's first unveiling at E3 2013.

The Dungeon Descent Pack will feature new dungeon-themed tools to play around with. This include 40 modular dungeon architecture props, a random dungeon generator, and new dungeon-themed music.

This is just the beginning, though, as the Summer of Spark will offer bonuses throughout the weekend. That includes double XP on all challenges and activities, as well as double credits. Spark Premium members will see those numbers quadruple. Conker fans can also pick up Conker's Big Reunion Episode 1 from the Project Spark Marketplace for a measly one credit. Given that players receive 75 credits for logging into Project Spark for the first time, it should be easily affordable to pretty much everyone.

Project Spark is free-to-play on Xbox One and PC.

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