Payday 2 on PC has a 'Meltdown,' gets permanent price drop

Payday 2 has released so many DLC packs and free updates that it's hard to keep track. More importantly, it's become something of a hefty investment for anyone looking to get in for the first time. Overkill Software realizes this, so they're permanently dropping the base price for Payday 2 on PC, as well as the game's first 16 DLC packs. To celebrate this... it's time for a free update.

The Meltdown update will include an all-new Heist that re-visits last year's Shadow Raid job. There's fresh merchandise, but there's no word on what exactly it is, so parties will have to move quickly in order to succeed.

The latest update will also debut an overhauled XP system, along with some stability fixes. One word of warning, though. The Steam Announcements page notes that anyone running mods will have their game crash. Users are advised to uninstall any mods prior to running the latest update and await any word from mod creators before proceeding.

As for the price drop, Payday 2 will go from $29.99 to $19.99 permanently, while dropped DLC prices will vary. The Meltdown update is up now!

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