OlliOlli 2 grinds onto PS4 and PS Vita next week

Roll7 has announced OlliOlli 2 will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 3.

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood will feature a number of improvements over the original OlliOlli, which includes a new OlliOlli engine, new art, improved background art and improved trick animations.

We also learned last week OlliOlli 2 takes some inspiration from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 now that Manuals and Combos have been added to the game. Some stages will feature curved grounds, ramps, and rails and is said to be reminiscent of Tiny Wings’ gameplay mechanics.

No word yet as to when OlliOlli will be making its way to PC and Xbox, although I'm sure Roll7 will be announcing those versions soon after OlliOlli 2 is released.

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