DmC Definitive Edition welcomes players to Vergil's Bloody Palace

"Might controls everything."

DmC: Definitive Edition is looking to do more than simply bring the last-gen original game to new consoles. It wants to add more, having previously detailed some of the new game modes set to debut. Now Ninja Theory is going further in depth on another new feature: Vergil's Bloody Palace.

Vergil's Bloody Palace, which puts players in the role of twin brother Vergil, will build upon the old Dante's Bloody Palace game mode, but Vergil's task will be somewhat taller. The villainous warrior will have to fight through a 60-floor combat arena, starting on Nephilim difficulty, upping to Son of Sparda, and ending on the brutal Vergil Must Die difficulty.

"The best way to play Vergil is to stack up as many kinds of damage as possible," Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews says on PlayStation.Blog. "He has lots of attacks which skilled players can layer with his melee moves. For example, Summoned Swords can be fired, and can pull enemies or lift enemies, without interrupting melee attacks. Spiral Swords passively damages enemies once activated, until it wears off. Doppelganger Vergil can be used to attack at the same time as you, or with a delay."

To get an idea of how the new game mode will operate, Ninja Theory has helpfully uploaded a new video, which can be seen in its full 1080p, 60 fps glory. DmC: Definitive Edition is set to hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 17.

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