'The Imperial Fists' clench over Space Hulk: Ascension later this month

Developer Full Control has announced the first expansion for the Warhammer 40K-based Space Hulk: Ascension. This new add-on, called The Imperial Fists, looks to be a robust one, offering 15 new story missions, 20 flash missions, and a new weapon called the Tarantula Turret.

The expansion will see players warding off Genestealers and preventing them from reaching a defense zone and further amassing their forces. As Terminators continue clearing off the Space Hulk, players will get access to the Tarantula Turret, a fearsome automated weapons platform that can take out Genestealers in large numbers.

Space Hulk: Ascension released on November 12 with 103 missions across three campaigns. The new Imperial Fists expansion is expected to launch later this month, though no pricing details have been revealed. The full game is currently available on Steam.

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