Kerbal Space Program deploys 'Economic Boom' update

For Kerbal Space Program, business is booming. That means it's time to introduce the prospect of economics, because let's face it -- space exploration costs money! KSP's new 0.25 update, the previously-detailed Economic Boom update, is available today, introducing a monetary angle to the game's Career Mode.

The Adminitration Facility is the biggest addition to the new update, which applies a new 'Strategy' system towards earning the game's three currencies of Funds, Reputation, and Science. These funds can be earned through tactics like negotiations, open-sourced tech, and unpaid internships, however the Strategy system is also fully moddable, for anyone that would like to go in a more custom direction. If crunching numbers and micromanagement sounds a little cumbersome, Squad has included a new difficulty panel with four different difficulty levels.

On top of all that, you'll probably want to be a little more careful about where you launch your rocket. The Kerbal Space Center is now fully destructible, as you can see through the new video below. So watch where you're aiming that thing, because that would be the 'Boom' part of the 'Economic Boom' update.

As far as mods go, developer Squad has also collaborated with Christopher 'PorkJet' Thuersam to utilize his SpacePlane+ mod (which some readers may recognize from our KSP mod guide) as an official addition to the game.

The Economic Boom update is available now to all KSP owners at no extra charge. For more information, check out the full FAQ over at the KSP forums. Kerbal Space Program is available now through Steam Early Access.