Divinity: Original Sin 'Bear and the Burgler' DLC adds two new companions

Divinity: Original Sin is getting some new content, thanks to creator Larian Studios. Titled 'The Bear and the Burgler,' the free DLC pack will add in two new companions, as well as some new features.

Bairdotr is a female ranger, armed with a bow and sharp claws, on a mission to find the abducted druid of the forest. Meanwhile, Wolgraff is a silent rogue that had his voice stripped from him by dark magic. Both companions can be found in Cyseal.

Other new additions include new listening functionality for dialogs, meaning you can listen to ongoing conversations and see their complete history to better follow them. This is an addition to bug and crash fixes.

For more on the latest Divinity: Original Sin update, you can find the full changelist here. The Bear and the Burgler DLC is available now for free.