Sony gets a jump on Microsoft by releasing the first current-gen version of the game, with a similar price structure.

Minecraft releasing for PS4 today

By Robert Workman, Sep 04, 2014 7:00am PDT

Microsoft definitely got the public interested with the announcement that Minecraft Xbox One Edition would be launching for the system on Friday, for the price of $19.99 (or $4.99 for those who bought the Xbox 360 edition). However, Sony had a little surprise of its own yesterday evening.

The publisher confirmed that its own version of Minecraft will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 today. The game will beat Microsoft's version out of the gate and arrive at 3:00 PM EDT in the PlayStation Store. Interested parties can expect a similar price structure, as they can pay $19.99 for the game, or only $4.99 if they previously bought it for PlayStation 3. Of course, all their progress will carry over from PS3 saves, and the worlds can be expanded up to 36 times larger.

So there you go. Either way, you win, and can get right to building.

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