Nintendo introduces upgraded 'New 3DS' models

During a Nintendo Direct in Japan this morning, Nintendo announced two new 3DS models today, simply called the "New 3DS' and "New 3DS LL" (or "XL" to us westerners).

Forbes reports that both new models feature a small analog nub above the buttons, two more shoulder buttons, and an upgraded CPU. It can also support custom covers. Alongside the announcement, Nintendo showed a Xenoblade Chronicles game for 3DS that requires the upgraded CPU in the new system. It also recolors the face buttons and promises better viewing angles for the 3D feature. As the report notes, this all would appear to run the rather serious risk of confusing consumers and fracturing the system's user base.

The system is due out in Japan in October, and a representative told Eurogamer it wouldn't hit that region until 2015. We have no word on a North American release yet.