Destiny community manager discusses competitive multiplayer and eSports

Bungie is ready to flush away the summer doldrums, once and for all, when Destiny releases in less than two weeks. The studio recently traveled to Gamescom to show off some more of the game's competitive multiplayer, which gave Shacknews a chance to catch up with community manager Eric Osborne for a chat.

Osborne detailed some of Destiny's multiplayer design, even noting that some Major League Gaming players have been brought in to help ensure that it's a fun and balanced experience. Of course, don't necessarily read into this as a venture into eSports.

"Whether or not eSports players take it up is really up to them," Osborne told Shacknews. "Like any other community endeavor, we look for them to latch on and look for some ownership and so if they do that, we'll support them."

For more on Destiny's competitive multiplayer and the eSports front, check out the video below.