EverQuest 2 celebrating 10th anniversary with Altar of Malice expansion

The Year of EverQuest also extends to the long-running Everquest sequel, EverQuest II. In fact, EQ2 is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary in November. SOE has enjoyed a fruitful year with its MMORPG, releasing new zones for the Kingdom of Sky expansion, adding new heritage quests, adding prestige homes for Oakmyst and Darklight, and debuting some new content for Nights of the Dead and Frostfall, among many other additions. Now EQ2 is ready to celebrate its anniversary with its 11th expansion, revealing Altar of Malice at this year's SOE Live, which also stands to be one of the game's biggest expansions to date.

Like the original EQ's upcoming expansion, Altar of Malice will likewise revolve around demigoddess of hate Lanys T'vyl, this time taking place along the Shattered Sea. The player will be making contact with the Far Seas Trading Company to broker some deals, but will encounter a disaster along the region. The central mystery of the expansion involves finding out what laid waste to the Shattered Sea.

The new expansion will allow players to level up to 100, while adding 14 heroic zones, six raids, six advanced solo zones, two contested zones, two overlands, and four new avatars of the gods. Prestige abilities will increase to level 100, as will the Guild level. The expansion will also add a tradeskill apprentice, grandmaster spells, and some rare ancient scrolls spells. Altar of Malice will also introduce a new playable race called the Aerakyn. These winged dragonborn will feature unique attack animations, as their wings will grow and develop as they level up.

The new zones include the Tranquil Sea, the site of a bulk of the devastation. Players will also find themselves exploring Deathweave Isle and Broken Skull Bay, a region filled with pirates, and the Phantom Sea, home to a group of priests and priestesses known as the Primordial Malice. Another new area is an underground island called Zavith'loa, a world filled with dinosaurs and the pygmies that depend on them. Much of the conflict will come to a head at Castle Highhold, the home of the Far Seas Trading Company, which is under siege.

There are some other new features to look out for from EQ2 over the course of the next year. New level-agnostic dungeons for level 20-89 players will be added this fall, with proportional loot available for all participants. Rare Heroic Loot merchants will be added around that same time, while players will also be able to sell their collection items for Status. PvP players should also be on the lookout this fall for the first 6v6 Heroic Deathmatch mode, which will take place on a plane filled with environmental traps. Also, there's a new mount coming to EQ2 and its design is based on rabbits. The first leaping mount is coming soon to the game.

The development team is also looking into 2015, with new public quest content expected to release in the next year. Fabled versions of previous expansions will also be released, while players looking to find one another will be able to do so by crossing servers.

And of course, EQ2 will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a special heroes festival set to begin in November, with 10-year veterans getting a special Isle of Refuge prestige home, complete with a starter population pack. That's also the time when Altar of Malice will drop. Expect the new expansion to release on November 11.