Quantum Break gameplay debuted during Xbox Gamescom press conference

After missing out on E3 a couple of months ago, Remedy Entertainment finally made good in showing off the forthcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break during the Xbox Gamescom press conference today in Cologne, Germany. And there's a lot to be excited about.

The game shows an unprecedented amount of detail in Remedy's current engine, with the main hero, Jack, working his way down from a torn-down building, only to hide in cover from moving patrols that are employed by Monarch Solutions. Some run-and-gun gameplay followed, along with a time-stopping element that allows you to get the jump on them with stylish melee attacks, and even surround them with time particles of some time to distract them, eventually allowing your bullets to penetrate them and eventually kill them. You'll have to be careful, though, as some form of meter in the corner of the screen tracks how sparingly you can use these powers.

At one point, Jack finds himself facing a dire situation when a truck drives over a bridge, right at him. However, with time being frozen, he's able to escape out of it and work his way to the next area, trying to find where he needs to go next. Seeing everything "frozen", even for a moment, is a superb effect that really plays out on the Xbox One. You can even take a close look at victims of the current situation, if you want to add an emotional effect to what your character is doing.

However, Jack isn't the only one that can play with the time effect, as some soldiers are able to cut straight through it and confront him. During the demo, one managed to fling a car at him and fire bullets, and even use the same time-flow effects he does when it comes to their certain techniques. Jack will have to think, and react, quickly if he wants to stay in one piece. Check it out for yourself below!

Quantum Break will make its debut on Xbox in 2015.