Kano returns in Mortal Kombat X

The next kombatant for Mortal Kombat X has stepped into the arena and it's another familiar face. Hot on the heels of Raiden's debut a few weeks ago, the hardened kriminal Kano is joining the fray once again. Ed Boon has offered another narrated video looking at the MK mainstay and his three fighting techniques.

Kano goes into battle using either his Cybernetic, Cutthroat, and Commando variations. Cutthroat Kano uses his cyber enhancements to up his knife-fighting skills. Cybernetic Kano can use his laser eye for ranged fighting and anti-air techniques. Commando Kano turns Kano into a grappling character that fights almost exclusively at close range, taking advantage of a variety of throws and holds. The demonstration is topped off with Kano's latest Fatality, in which uses his laser eye to give his opponent a new perspective.

The video also takes a look at the new Jungle stage, a lush wilderness filled with ancient ruins and overgrown plants.

Check out Kano's moves in the video below. Mortal Kombat X is koming soon.