The putrid beast known as Stitches makes the jump from World of Warcraft and joins the fight in Heroes of the Storm.

Stitches assembles onto Heroes of the Storm

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 05, 2014 2:30pm PDT

Blizzard has revealed the latest character to join the Heroes of the Storm roster. It's the ghastly abomination from Warcraft known as Stitches, who brings his welded body parts and his sharp axe in as a melee Warrior.

Stitches' abilities include the Scorpion-like Hook attack, which pulls targets towards him. The Slam ability will damage foes directly in front of Stitches, while Devour will vampirically damage an enemy and restore health. Stitches' main trait is Vile Gas, which spews out a toxic cloud whenever he's struck by enemies. Heroic Abilities include Putrid Bile, which can slow down and damage all foes near Stitches, and Gorge, an attack that sees the monstrosity literally swallow an enemy for a short time.

For more on the hideous Stitches, check out the Heroes of the Storm website and watch the trailer below.

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