Path of Exile launches 'Forsaken Masters' mini-expansion on August 20

Grinding Gear Games changed the entire Path of Exile landscape with their first mini-expansion, Sacrifice of the Vaal. Just as the dust has begun to settle, the developer is ready to rock the game's world again with its second mini-expansion. Forsaken Masters will bring a slew of new content to the free-to-play MMO on August 20.

As the expansion's name implies, the story is that seven Masters are wandering the continent of Wraeclast. They can all teach players valuable new skills, but aren't going to do so for free. Each of the Masters will task the players with different missions, which can pop up at any time, including during end-game missions. The missions will all fit into each individual Master's motif, which can vary wildly. Completing these missions will improve the player's reputation, up to eight levels, at which point the Masters will share their secrets.

These secrets can include a new Hideout location, where the Master can dispense daily quests. They can also include special items, mods, crafting recipes, and more. Only two of the Masters have been revealed thus far: Haku the Armourmaster and Vorici the Master Assassin. The remaining five Masters will be revealed over the next couple of weeks.

The update will feature more than Master content. Grinding Gear Games will also throw in two new Challenge Leagues, an updated passive skill tree, and refined boss battles.

For more on Path of Exile's 'Forsaken Masters' content, visit the game's website.