Destiny enters the Twilight Gap with new gameplay video

The Destiny beta is finished, so now it's time to start discussing what Bungie has lined up next for its upcoming shooter. The developer is already revealing a whole new area not seen in last week's beta, an empty military base known as the Twilight Gap.

"The Twilight Gap is an abandoned military base that's on the outskirts of the last city, so you'll see the traveler in the skybox, the first thing you're going to see in the establishing shot when we first come here," design lead Lars Bakken told IGN. "The city's over there, you'll see the wall off in the distance, you'll see the mountains, and this place is one of the places that humanity has overtaken again and has reclaimed back."

The Twilight Gap, described as a mid-sized map, will be playable across all of Destiny's game modes when it releases on September 9. Check out the map in the two videos below.