Xbox One August update adds new social features, remote purchasing, and more

Now that the summer months have rolled in, more people will start hovering around the game machine of choice. For Xbox One users, they'll soon find it easier to communicate with their friends and stay in touch, thanks to an upcoming system update.

The August update for Xbox One will include improved activity feed interactivity. This means being able to "like" and comment on certain activities, as well as share game clips with your circle of friends. They'll also get a personal feed on their profile, showing recent friend activities and interactions, almost like some sort of book... for your face.

Other new features go beyond social interaction, adding more useful ideas like being able to remotely purchase games and DLC through Xbox SmartGlass or Xbox.com, with downloads immediately starting up on linked consoles. Users will also receive low battery notifications for their controllers on-screen, while getting the ability to disable notifications during video playback.

Movie watchers will also get the benefit of new 3D Blu-ray functionality, essentially turning the Xbox One's Blu-ray app into a 3D Blu-ray player.