NFL Sunday Ticket coming back to consoles

NFL Sunday Ticket, the program that allows football fans to an all-you-can-eat buffet of season games, appears to be coming back to consoles as a standalone product. 

AppleInsider (via Game Informer) uncovered a promotional page with package listings for the service. According to the report, both the NFLsundayticket.tv Console (239.99) and Max ($329.99) packages would allow for streaming on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Console package is restricted to consoles, while the Max package also includes the ability to stream to other devices like your PC or tablet. A standalone streaming package for those devices is also available for $199.99, but it's only available if you live in an area without DirecTV access.

NFL Sunday Ticket debuted on consoles with a PS3 version that cost roughly the same as the reported Max package. The following year it dropped the price slightly, but then console support vanished altogether. Last year's "Anniversary" version of Madden included a discount for those within range of DirecTV, and access to Sunday Ticket for those outside the range.

The promotional page is still up, but DirecTV hasn't issued a formal announcement yet.