NFL Sunday Ticket returns to PS3 with new, lower price

DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket is coming back to PS3, just in time for the start of this year's season. And like last year, PS3 will be the only game console to offer Sunday Ticket (sorry Xbox owners). The app will be available to download on September 4th.

Sunday Ticket offers live streaming of out-of-market NFL Sunday Ticket games, in addition to access to player information, scores, standings, and full season schedules. The app also provides access to the Red Zone channel, which highlights scoring plays of each game.

"We don't have any plans this season to bring [NFL Sunday Ticket] to another game console," DirecTV's Robert Mercer told Shacknews last year. "We just want to work with a single partner this time around to give everyone a great experience."

Access to the app will be free for current DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket MAX subscribers. However, everyone else (including non-DirecTV subscribers) will be able to buy a season pass for $299. While that's a steep price, that's actually $40 less than last year's offering.