Contraption Maker comes together on PC today

The team behind The Incredible Machine aren't finished making complicated contraptions for simple tasks. Contraption Maker, the spiritual follow-up to developer Spotkin's first effort, has wheeled out of Steam Early Access and has released its full version today, bringing along with it a new trailer.

Contraption Maker sees players piecing together and repairing broken Rube Golberg machines. Puzzles are solved through crazy chain reactions set into motion by everyday (and not-so-everyday) parts, like trampolines and alligators. There are 140 base puzzles, along with a number of custom community creations.

But like any good machine, there's always room for more pieces. Spotkin will continue supporting Contraption Maker with new updates to go along with its Steam Workshop support. The game is also slated to come to iOS, Android, and SteamOS in the near future.

Check out the full launch trailer below. Contraption Maker is available now on Steam.