Report: Cliff Bleszinski's new startup called 'Boss Key'

Cliff Bleszinski's next game hasn't been revealed yet, but we may know the name of the new studio making it. Over the weekend, a site was uncovered for "Boss Key Productions," with ties to Bleszinski.

The official site at links to Cliff Bleszinski's Twitter profile. Meanwhile, documents obtained by Polygon name Bleszinski as CEO and former EA and Guerrilla exec Arjan Brussee as COO. Though he hasn't technically confirmed the new start-up, he has made some cheeky allusions to it. He retweeted one of Boss Key's tweets, and issued a statement hinting at a "new lean, agile, fun startup in Raleigh, N.C."

A new game reveal from Bleszinski is still set to be unveiled soon, as the countdown clock is ticking towards noon ET tomorrow.